‘After two hours of waiting, they cancelled the exam’: BU failed to print out exam and then ran out of paper

We spoke to Shuan Maroof, whose Twitter rant about his exam went viral

BU students who were meant to be sitting their final year Finance and Business exam were left positively pissed off after they found only half their exam had been printed.

They were made to wait for two hours in the exam hall whilst invigilators printed the 14 missing pages, before they ran out of paper and gave up. The exam was for their Perspectives on ‘Business Strategy’ unit and was set to take place last Thursday, 19th January, at 9:30am.

The students later received an email saying they, “needed to cancel the exam today because of the missing case study”.

The Tab spoke to Shuan Maroof, a Finance and Business student whose Twitter rant about the exam has gone viral.

Can you sense the anger?

He said: “We got there and they’ve printed the exam but forgot the case study, which is 14 pages and there’s 120 or so students.

“So, they said that they would print it out right then and there.

“Two hours later we ask how much they have done and they’re half way through. At this point everyone’s talking, walking about and being really loud.”

He continued: “Then they announce that the exam is cancelled, outside the exam hall everyone is shouting at the lecturer.

“Apparently the other exams that were in the hall at the same time are allowed to retake because of how loud we were being.”

Students received the following email shortly after the cancelled exam from the University about their plans to rearrange the exam.

This was then followed up by another email confirming the new dates for the exams that were available.