We need to talk about those new chairs in Fusion building

You can be a desk or a chair, NOT BOTH.

Okay so, I walked into my new seminar as you do when you start a new unit, and what did I see? This monstrosity.

How much did they spend on this new building? £12 million? Couldn’t they find some funding for tables?

Honestly, like what are these, the room looks a mess and how on earth are we supposed to sit? In what formation??

Not to mention, THESE ARE DANGEROUS. Poor Jack was manoeuvring his seat closer to his friend and his laptop FELL from the “desk”. Pictured: Ilayda’s shock.

Now I know they’re trying to encourage group work, but this is just taking it too far. Poor Izzy had to work in an awkward part of the room and was too far away from a plug to charge her laptop. Ridiculous.

We could not function as a seminar. We did not know what way to face, we couldn’t sit still, it was bedlam.

Leaving the seminar for a quick break and this was what was left behind. I can’t work like this.

BU sort it out.