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Aberdeen Goes Dating is HERE and here’s how you can get involved

Cuffing season may be over, but here’s your chance to find a springtime bae


Looking for that special someone but having a hard time finding them? Tired of swiping right to disappointing chat and yet another Aberdeen rigger "looking for fun"? In need of a Valentine's plans? We’ve got you!

Introducing “Aberdeen Goes Dating”, The Aberdeen Tab’s very own matchmaking service. We’re aiming to pair up Aberdeen students and send you on blind dates with one another.

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this could be you so quit playin

Here’s what it involves: you, your potential bae (in our opinion) and a perfect setting to experience some serious connection – or some serious awkwardness. We’ll give you a time and place to meet your match – don't worry, a member of our team can be there if you'd like help with awkward intros and make sure you're all safe and good before leaving you to it. Time and location will be based on the answers from your compatibility questionnaire (click this link to fill it out). When the date has finished up we’ll message you and your match to ask a few questions on how it went and whether a second date is on the cards. And that’s all there is to it!

We’re looking for students of all genders and sexualities. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the questionnaire linked above and we’ll be in touch.

May the love be ever in your favour!

Enter your application here

Disclaimer: By filling out a compatibility questionnaire you consent to the possibility of having your name, a photo of yourself and your post-date feedback published on The Aberdeen Tab. Sadly there can’t be any exceptions to this.