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Aberdeen Goes Dating is HERE and here’s how you can get involved

Cuffing season may be over, but here’s your chance to find a springtime bae

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The 13 types of lesbian you’ll meet at university

Aberdeen’s Lesbian survival guide

Aberdeen Uni researched the Tinder habits of the North East

Apparently guys will get more matches if they look ‘stable’

Why Underground is better than Institute

Something every self-respecting Aberdeen student should know

Seven famous people that went to AU

Just call us Faberdeen

Aberdeen ranked 25th best uni in the UK

But does anyone really care?

Clubbers of the week

It’s back

Girl wins free holiday to Ibiza, has to take panda everywhere with her

It was pandemonium

An exclusive look inside the brand new Bobbin

After a £350k summer revamp the legendary pub is back

Ooh la la: ‘Café culture’ comes to Aberdeen

It’s oh so European

‘Coke and hookers’ Lord Sewel is ex-Aberdeen Vice-Principal and honorary grad

He became a Doctor of Laws in 2008

Killjoy Councillors order removal of deep-fried Mars Bar landmark

Apparently it’s for the ‘good of the community’

This redheaded legend just made the ultimate dissertation selfie

‘I’m a film student and I owe it to myself to represent that fairly’

Talks underway to turn garage into uni accommodation

Aberdeen is that desperate

Clubbers of the week: Locals Edition

Always a pleasure never a chore

Tiger Tiger’s closing: let us prey

Please take your seats. The service will resume shortly. Tiger Tiger is tragically no more.

Fraser Noble bathroom awash with hook-ups

Aberdeen University building identified as hotspot for gay sex.

Gavrillo Reviewed

Tab’s anonymous club reviewer infiltrates and rates Gavrillo Thursdays.