Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson
Aberdeen University


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COVID-19 has robbed final years of the time of their lives. We’re allowed to be upset

We had months left with our friends, but that time was snatched away

Here’s everything we know about Aberdeen Uni’s response to coronavirus

Plans for exams are still unclear

Footballer accused of racial slur against AUFC player appears in court

The incident took place during a match last April

I rewatched 11 Disney childhood classics and yikes, they’re dodgy

Peter Pan needs banned

These are all the mad differences between Drag Race in the UK and the US

Don’t even get me started on the badges

AUSA refuses to accept Aberdeen Student Climate Network as a student group

The group are ‘deeply disappointed with AUSA’

RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming to Aberdeen in 2020

You better WERQ

CASE Aberdeen say ‘smiling’ and ‘laughing’ are signs of possible sexual consent

The leaflets could be found on campus

Aberdeen prof asks for cat pics from students to prove they’d read course guide

He tweeted his favourites

The Aberdeen Tab is looking for writers and we want YOU

You don’t need any experience at all

Here’s how to recycle your old clothes without harming the planet

There’s life beyond the charity shop

Teenage girls on the pill are more likely to develop depression as adults

The new study is the first of its kind

The top panic Google searches from this year’s incoming freshers

There’s no chill here

Take this Bake Off quiz and we’ll tell you if you’d get star baker

Soggy bottom and you’re out

Order a Greggs and we’ll tell you how middle class you are

Eat in or take away?

A charity is investigating a £280,000 payment to former Aberdeen principal

A verdict should be announced by the end of August

What actually happens if you don’t buy a TV licence, and how to legally avoid doing so

No, they can’t just come into your house and check

You’ll never guess how much these Edinburgh flats cost during the Fringe

Do you want that £1,869 in cash or?

Make a cup of tea and we’ll tell you exactly how much of a wrong’un you are

How British can you get

Marking with UV pens and baking cakes: 13 truly cringe pieces of advice brands are giving freshers this year

Thank God they reminded me to bring a pen

Fiat 500 girls rejoice: You can now buy Pornstar Martini cupcakes in Aberdeen

Hold my Pornstar Martini

Aberdeen is getting its own Monopoly board in October 2019

For once us students will have more than £8.27 to our names

All the signs that you’re the flatmate who’s overly obsessed with Christmas

They give the Bublé himself a run for his money

Someone dressed as Gandalf was spotted in Sir Duncan Rice Library

His sign read ‘You shall not pass’

‘I finish nightshift at 8am and start uni at 9’: Meet the RGU fourth year who’s never had a student loan

‘People say they couldn’t do it, but I don’t see it as an optional thing’

Aberdeen MedSoc under investigation after their annual ball ruins a couple’s wedding

The groom’s nan sustained a serious head injury

Aberdeen city centre pubs and bars can now stay open until 3am

You don’t have to go to the club anymore

Aberdeen has been ranked the best uni in the UK for getting a job after you graduate

95.9 per cent of students find a job within a year or graduating

We want YOU to write for the Tab Aberdeen

Whether you’re a news reporter or a meme maker

Aberdeen SU are giving students free kits to find out if your MDMA is real

They are entirely free and anonymous to use

Breaking: Aberdeen Uni students to be given RGU diplomas as consequence of recent strikes

AU marking would not be finished in time for graduation

Striking students end occupation of Aberdeen University Offices

On their ninth day of being there

Aberdeen students occupying the admin building are being denied fresh air breaks

Along with access to showers and independent toilet access

Police called to Aberdeen uni protests after onlookers express concern for protestors’ safety

‘We believe that the safety and wellbeing of students and staff was put in serious danger’

Breaking: Aberdeen UCU vote to reject the national deal and continue striking

‘We stand in solidarity with our striking lecturers’

Just some pics of Aberdeen looking bloody bonnie in the snow


Free festive bakes at Greggs in Aberdeen today

This is not a drill

Spectra festival brings home the goods

Aberdeen’s festival of light won two awards

We want you to write for The Tab Aberdeen

Ever fancy yourself as a journalist?

Aberdeen’s nightlife has you covered for every single night of the week

Aren’t we spoilt?

Aberdeen Seagulls to be gradually wiped out

You’ve stolen our sandwiches for the last time

Everything that students should say to their mums today

Don’t tell me you forgot

New student night launches at Unit 51

It’s gonna be a big one

All the most 2016 things to happen in Aberdeen this year

What a year it has been

What to do in Aberdeen this December

Apart from freeze

All the reasons living in a student flat is like being on I’m a Celeb

I’m a failing uni student, get me out of here

AUSA have started giving out free tampons


Everything you’ll miss about Hillhead halls

You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone

There’s a new club opening tonight, have a sneak peek into UNIT 51

Never seen before by the public eye

What to do in Aberdeen this Halloween

It rhymes wooOoOoOOooo spooky

Everything that will happen on a night out in Underground

You previously voted it best night out in the ‘deen

Your scary recurring dreams explained

Because no one else wants to hear about them

What your summer plans say about you

‘So what did you get up to over summer?’

Everything that will happen on a night out in Institute

The club photos will make or break you the next morning

You voted McDonald’s as the best post-night out food in Aberdeen

You probably guessed it

Aberdeen comes together in support of Orlando shootings

A minutes silence was held at Cheerz Bar on Monday

Vote: What’s the best post-night out food in Aberdeen?

Because let’s be honest, it makes or breaks the night

What first year at Aberdeen really teaches you

None of it is academic

Living near the sea could be improving our mental health

At least there’s one good thing about Aberdeen’s location

Calling me ‘skinny’ isn’t a compliment

Or is it OK for me to call you chubby?

AUSA is being investigated over allegations of fraud

A former AUSA employee is being questioned

Things you’ll only know as a Scottish person with an English flatmate

Expect a language barrier

There’s much more to my hometown of Dunblane than its history

AKA the best hometown in Scotland

Council undecided over whether to lock the gates of Union Terrace Gardens

There have now been two sex attacks in two months

REVEALED: Inside the mystery building at Hillhead

It’s actually really cool

LGBT+ society ask university to question Ghana’s President on human rights

He’s receiving an honorary doctorate today

Revealed: The best night out in Aberdeen

The Aberdonians have spoken

The struggles of being small at uni

A shoutout to the vertically challenged among us

Aberdeen is the fourth best uni in Scotland

We’re in the big leagues

Fresher starts campaign for lighting in Seaton Park

It’s been a long time coming

Dusk in Stirling is so so bad, but you’ll never miss a night there

The most fantastically tragic night out in the country

Why being this far North is actually a good thing

Being drookit isn’t so bad

What’s the best night out in Aberdeen?

Let’s settle this once and for all

Why Valentine’s Day is the best day to be single in Aberdeen

You’ll learn to love being single as fuck

Where to hide in Aberdeen during a zombie apocalypse

This far isolated we have to be prepared for anything

Why Aberdeen should have been your first choice

We don’t need a union anyway

Aberdeen has been named the sunniest city in Scotland

Plus we’re really healthy

Aberdeen held a puppy petting session to help students relax before exams

Press paws on exam stress

What was the last text you sent?

Imagine if these were your final words

Pumpkin face off

Your best attempts this year

Seven famous people that went to AU

Just call us Faberdeen