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‘Open and ready to return’: Aberdeen University announces plans for next semester

The university will be using a ‘blended learning’ approach

The University of Aberdeen has sent an email to current students describing their plans for the next academic year.  

The email discussed what Aberdeen’s students return will look like.  The university reassured students they: “will be open and ready for your return to studies in September.” 

The university outlined its plans for “blended learning” which includes face-to-face teaching, but will also online learning where it is not safe to proceed with face-to-face classes. 

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Aberdeen University acknowledged that not everything will be possible under the current circumstances, such as large lectures or group sessions. These activities will be available online, so that everyone can partake safely.  

Student accommodation will also be open and available, and will be adapted to make the changes needed to keep students safe. 

They have also assured students that measures are being taken to ensure the safety of students and staff.

On-campus activities, as well as study spaces and labs will be open for use with physical distancing measures in place to adhere to government guidelines. These precautions include: “robust hygiene measures such as providing hand sanitiser at key locations, detailed guidance for students and staff on physical distancing, and measures to ensure that building occupancy levels adhere to national guidance.”

Special arrangements may be may for students who have fieldwork or placements, in which case, their School will contact them directly.

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Everyone, whether they are attending online or in person, will have access to the library and career services. They also highlighted that students who are struggling financially because of the pandemic may be eligible for assistance.

Aberdeen University has said they are excited to welcome students back to the campus for the coming academic year, and stated they: “will stay in touch and provide more detail about what you can expect from your experience as well as offer you all the information and support you will need so that you are ready for blended learning.”

They also commended their students for how they have dealt with the extraordinary circumstances that COVID-19 has presented, noting that many students have successfully completed their assessments for the academic year.