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Oli Dugmore
Cardiff University


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BNOC of the year: Heat three

I bet you haven’t been on Take Me Out

BNOC of the year: Heat two

Bigger than the pile of green bags at the front of your house

BNOC of the year: Heat one

You know their names like you know the menu at Uni Kitchen

Meet your Cardiff North candidates

What promises will they break in government?

Meet your Cardiff Central candidates

What are the promises they’ll break in government?

BNOC of the Year: Nominations now open

Who will be crowned Cardiff’s BNOC for 2015?

Outrage as sports teams suffer minor inconvenience

Varsity package waiting times in excess of 10 minutes

How to prank your Taly flat

Cost effective ways to ruin someone’s day

Smog is coming: Panic as thick toxic mist descends on Cardiff

Don’t go outside

Watch: Road rage on Park Place

An angry man called another driver a slut and a bitch

Oosh! Sports team strip off and run around Julian Hodge

Fill your boots

Cardiff Uni Cricket Club member hangs UVF flag outside Koko Gorilaz

The culprit could be facing disciplinary action

Former Cardiff Uni Judoka diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer

His friends have already raised £6000

Why is Cardiff producing so many terrorists?

Nasser Muthana chose to fight in Syria rather than study Medicine at Cardiff

Jamie Roberts seen drinking pints and flirting in Gassy Jacks

His friends chanted ‘It’s Jamie! It’s Jamie!’

Thermals: A fashion shoot

It’s okay to wear longjohns around Cardiff

Taly freshers host brothel-themed house party

‘Welcome to the whore house’

How to cope when you’re about to lose to England

Agent K pass me your neuralyzer

A guide to picking up drugs

Mate can I borrow your keys

Varsity CLOSED for serving underage drinkers

Their license is pending review

Third year injected with EPIPEN for sports initiation dare

‘I shook uncontrollably for half an hour’

I got my loan so I partied with models in Paris

Now I’m enjoying an amber weather warning in Cardiff

Charlie Heb-NO: Bristol SU bans ‘unsafe’ magazine targeted by terrorists

It’s a ‘Safe Space’ issue

Splott Warehouse was sick… again

And now they‘ve announced the date for Colour Fest pt. 2

I’m a 21-year-old bloke and I love One Direction

There, I said it

Drug bust on Miskin Street

Another day, another sensimilia raid

Colossal Cathays cannabis bust

Stoners despair

Bachelor of the week: Will

Footie legend Will is looking for love

St David’s STI clinic have been giving out condoms that are a YEAR OUT OF DATE

There are no reports of pregnancy yet

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We want YOU

Dapper Laughs should not be censored

He is sexist, but that doesn’t matter

VIDEO: Pyromania on Gordon Road as ballsy students set off fireworks in the street

They staged their own incendiary performance

Dapper Laughs PULLED from Y Plas gig

He’s incompatible with the SU’s policy on lad culture

Meet Jess Davies: Cardiff student and glamour model

She also caused a US military investigation

Students urge Union to pull out of Dapper Laughs gig

‘Proper moist’ star should be banned from Y Plas, say students

Cardiff crowned UK’s number one city to live in

This is not a lie

Knee deep in drizzle: Cardiff named as the UK’s rainiest city

Soggy students receive scientific validation

Savvy Swansea landlord ditches staff for iPads

Archaic Cardiff sentiments of Jack inadequacy ring true with pub owner

Tesco inferno: Excelsior Road store goes up in flames

The blaze broke out this morning when you were sleeping off Revs

Welcome to the Warehouse was sick

The people of Cardiff got their dose of Splott Sauce

Outrage at Climax Promotions’ ‘Shagchart’

Promo firm under fire again for another tasteless marketing stunt

Students robbed at KNIFEPOINT outside Allensbank House

Mugger made off with cash and phone outside plush halls

Proletari-out! Security evict socialist students because they will ’cause deaths and crushing’

Watch: Outrage as ‘dangerous’ table snatched by The Man

Dogfield house raided by counter terror police

Police seized items from the Cathays property on Wednesday