BNOC of the year: Heat two

Bigger than the pile of green bags at the front of your house


Harry Pym


In the main chair of every Cathays house party you ever go to, Harry Pym is a big name. In spite of being a second year he’s frequently causing havoc in Talybont, turning up to several different house’s predrinks in one night. Every girl out there has a friend that has experienced the pleasures of Pym, and it has been said that he was the first person ever to have sex on the Cathays train station bridge.

Emma Pethybridge

Emma is a bubbly second year English Literature and Philosophy Student. Often found in the Woodville or trekking around the ASSL in sports gear, it is impossible for Emma to go anywhere without bumping in to someone she knows. And if you don’t know Emma, Emma will know you. As a member of the Hockey team, photographer for Quench, President of the Arts Society and a dabbler in ultimate Frisbee, Emma is one of those sickening all-rounders who you secretly hate but can’t help love.

Regardless of her busy schedule, Emma can still be found in the union at least once a week, even if it means taking her crutches to the Lash. And no matter how drunk she was, she’ll still be in for her 10am because a true BNOC keeps their shit together.

Teddy Russ

Teddy couldn’t get enough of Cardiff, so when he graduated he signed up to do a masters in his beloved city. Never one to shy away from a good time, Teddy is the life and soul of any social he attends, he is a social member of many a club – providing endless banter to one and all. This renegade once ate a urinal cube as a tasty treat during a team curry and spent a night sleeping at the bottom of the Cardiff Castle walls after going to Revs 4 Bevs.

Bethan Lyons

Bethan has been station manager of XPress radio in the Union for the past year. When she first joined the station was “like a malnourished child” and now she is in charge of podcasts, news bulletins, a regular welsh language show and the radio has been on national FM for the first time since 2005. She was also the representative for Merthyr Tydfil in the general election.

Aside from all this BNOCerry, there aren’t many people in ENCAP that don’t know her, she is a fully qualified nutter and up for anything. She spontaneously suggested going on a post hand-in holiday after four beers in The Taf and is now in Budapest. Bethan genuinely doesn’t give a fuck what people think. She organises big nights out and is invariably the last one standing, plus “it’s really hard being a teenage girl who looks like David Mitchell.”