Maya Short

Features Editor

Maya Short
Cardiff University

Features, student experience, University lifestyle, nightlife, student activities, social stories, breaking news, Cardiff life, social media

  • Maya Short is the features editor at The Tab Cardiff. She has an exciting role that entails writing often fun Cardiff specific stories from around the university.
  • Maya’s area of expertise for writing is mostly features surrounding student experiences at Cardiff. She aims to bring a witty and insightful knowledge of student life. She is interested in shedding insight into fascinating topics and more widely enjoys travel journalism.
  • Maya enjoys reading, music and a good pub garden. She also loves a hike and overseas adventures


Maya Short joined the Tab in 2023 after her first year at Cardiff University. Having studied Journalism and English Literature for 2 years and showing a keen interest in the Tab she succeeded in getting the role of features editor for her third and final year at Cardiff.


Maya is currently studying a BA joint honours for Journalism, Media and English Literature at Cardiff University. She has a keen interest in extra curricular surrounding the area of journalism and her upcoming modules will continues to improve her writing and journalistic education.


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