Prepare for the best week yet: The Tab Cardiff are taking over your nights out

It’s gonna be lit

Cardiff University has its own meal deal society and it’s the best thing ever

Finally, a society I can get behind

Cardiff Uni is one of the worst in the UK for missing lectures

I blame The Lash

Crwys Road was closed last night as armed police attended cannabis bust

The reason behind the Crwys Road closure

Stephen Fry was at Cardiff University today

He was in the Haydn Ellis Building by LIDL

BREAKING: Crwys Road has been cordoned off

A helicopter is currently circling Cathays

The Australian rugby team were in Cardiff Uni’s gym and no one noticed

Gainz but tanned

Shaggy is coming to Cardiff and it’s about to get boombastic

Girl you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel

If you want to pull a rugby lad you’ll have to go to Retro because they’re banned from the SU

Hold back the tears girls

The SU want to open an extra room at the Lash with offers on VKs

They’re letting you vote to make this happen

Oh my God girls, Gemma Collins is coming to Glam

Take a good look at this. You ain’t going to ever get this candy

The creepy red ‘IT’ balloons have been spotted around Cardiff uni

Not clowns AGAIN

We’re now able to get into YOLO from 8pm

Pres start at 5pm btw

Exclusive: Meet the Cardiff Grad whose app won him brunch with Sir Richard Branson

He also bagged himself £5,000

Posters with swastikas and beheadings have been found around Cathays

One says ‘death to traitors’

A giant inflatable arena will be coming to Cardiff this Halloween

Yes, you will have to dress up

There’s gonna be a free chicken nugget party in Cardiff

Live, love, nuggs

Here’s how you can grab yourselves a free Wagamama’s in Cardiff

Wag-a good deal!