Anthony Joshua’s next fight will be in Cardiff

Bet he’ll use the Taly Gym to train.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are coming to Cardiff, and this is where you can see them

They probably won’t be in Cathays

Vintage sportswear at the ready: Bump & Grind is moving back to Buffalo!

Yes, really!!!!!!!!!

Channel 4 want applicants from Cardiff to be on Come Dine With Me

Are you a budding Jamie Oliver?

Cardiff Uni has been rated one of the top ten most beautiful universities in the UK

Peng af

It’s revolutionary: The Taf are now selling mulled VK

Deck the halls with six VK’s, tra la la la la…

BREAKING: Gemma Collins has cancelled her appearance at Glam tonight

She may have earned her diva-ship, but this is not cool

Police and sniffer dogs were searching Taly halls today

Students’ rooms have been searched

Netball team have their initiation interrupted by a house viewing

It’s never a good idea to go house-hunting on a Wednesday evening

Cardiff University Ladies’ Rugby Club have done a naked calendar​ and it’s out now

And they only cost £7

I’m not sure how but pints at The Taf are even cheaper

There is a God

A coffee shop has opened in the ASSL

It’s got baristas and everything

It’s official, we’ve lost it: Cardiff is the most stressed city in the UK

*Screams internally*

Prepare for the best week yet: The Tab Cardiff are taking over your nights out

It’s gonna be lit

Cardiff University has its own meal deal society and it’s the best thing ever

Finally, a society I can get behind

Cardiff Uni is one of the worst in the UK for missing lectures

I blame The Lash

Crwys Road was closed last night as armed police attended cannabis bust

The reason behind the Crwys Road closure

Stephen Fry was at Cardiff University today

He was in the Haydn Ellis Building by LIDL