A guide to the Cardiff Uni traits that you should have given up for lent

All the unhealthy habits that should have been dropped this lent

With lent season in full swing, many are giving up their unhealthy habits for a while. At Cardiff University there are some traits that we believe should have been put on hold for the precious 40 day period. Here is a guide to all those bad habits that you should probably have dropped.

Look no further, these Cardiff University traits are a good base for anyone attempting a detox within the lent period.

Paying for YOLO 

The whole point of an SU Wednesday night is the early bed time, is it not? Why are we paying to get in at 11pm, trust me its not worth it. Get there at 8pm like everyone else, enjoy a free but definitely eventful few hours and be in bed by 12am.

Four for 10 VK’s 

On the topic of the SU and this may be bold, but unless you are a silly fresh VK’s should be loosing their appeal. For the same price you can get two doubles, so maybe it’s time to grow up and give it up… at least for 40 days anyway.


Ahhh T&A what a place. But, and this may come as a shock, scranning down a greasy chicken and chips after every night out is perhaps not the healthiest of choices.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nowhere I would rather be at 3am than gorging on garlic mayo covered chips, but your bank account will be grateful and there’s oven chips at home… or of course Mama’s the other side of the road. We never said that was off the cards.


You may think this is not a very Cardiff specific trait to be giving up, but as a shocking (but not entirely surprising) student survey revealed, Cardiff is in fact the most vape addicted Russell Group university. So let’s all work together to lower that number and maybe next year another city will take the crown.

Entertaining Rugby Boys

It’s no secret that rugby boys in Cardiff have a reputation behind them, be that what it may, a detox from them may not be a bad idea.

Let’s please leave mullets and signet rings behind for a healthier choice this lent, but don’t worry, there is an abundance of them that we are sure will be waiting for you when you are inevitably ready again.

Not Taking Out Bins

We all know bin days in Cardiff are hell, so don’t let your house down by being the one that never takes out those bins to face the wrath of the rats. It’s quite a simple task that some people tend to forget assuming some sort of bin fairies get rid of them.

So ask yourself, when did I last take a bin out? If you can’t remember the answer, go grab a bag now! (And decimating the garden does not count as taking them out).


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