Joshua Mulford


Joshua Mulford
Cardiff University

Student news, student lifestyle, campus culture, Cardiff University, art, design, fashion and film, Welsh language and culture.

  • Josh’s interests are investigative journalism. He is passionate about covering intimate and personal experiences and desires to write and produce documentaries.
  • Josh is bilingual in both English and Welsh and of mixed Welsh and Jamaican heritage. He lived in Brussels, Belgium for 5 years, returning to the UK for his studies.
  • Josh loves to travel and explore new cultures, a perfect opportunity to showcase his photography skills.


Josh joined The Tab Cardiff in 2023 and mostly covers news stories. Prior to this, he wrote for the online publication The Original Shift, covering articles on art, design, fashion, cinema, music, and culture. Josh has more than three years of experience as a writer.


Josh is currently a third-year student at Cardiff University studying a joint honours degree in Journalism, Media, and English Literature, with the aim of becoming a journalist.


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