Cardiff University rugby team caught in huge brawl with local residents during pub social

One student was allegedly hit over the head with a glass

Cardiff University’s Law Rugby team was caught in a huge brawl with local residents whilst on a social at a pub last week.

In footage obtained by The Cardiff Tab, members of the rugby team can be seen fighting with a group of men in the Mackintosh Hotel’s pub garden on Wednesday 6th March sometime between 6pm and 9pm.

Whilst the video does not show how the fight broke out, a Cardiff University student who witnessed the brawl exclusively told The Cardiff Tab that it allegedly started after a local resident began “shouting abuse” at a member of the rugby club committee.

After a “stand off” between the pair, the witness claims that the committee member had a glass “smashed over his head” however the police confirmed there were no reports of injuries.

In the footage which was filmed by bystanders through the window from inside the pub, the rugby players can be seen running towards a group of men who are claimed to be local residents, with one student getting hit with a crutch which bends under the force of the blow.

Josh*, a Cardiff University student who witnessed the brawl, told The Cardiff Tab: “The confrontation was sparked by a group of people shouting abuse at [a committee member] for Law Rugby.

“After a standoff between the player and a member of the group, [the committee member] had a glass smashed over his head.

“The fight then went outside where 20 or so boys piled on each other.”

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Both the rugby players and the group of men who are locals of the pub, often known as just The Mack by Cardiff students, can be seen throwing punches towards each other.

The Mack is often used by Cardiff University students as a place to hold pres before going onto the popular YOLO event at the Students’ Union Y Plas nightclub.

The video shows some other players from the team trying to break up the fight whilst five or six men continue to punch and push one another.

Multiple men wrestle with each other before a crutch is raised in the air and is brought down with force on someone in the group by an unidentified man.

Blows are also exchanged between a man dressed in a shirt and tie, the typical uniform of students who are members of sports clubs at the university, and another man dressed in black, with those surrounding them also intervening with punches and pushing.

Another man dressed in a shirt and waistcoat then attempts to put his arms around the head of the man dressed in black, but is then pushed off and looks to fall towards the ground.

A man dressed in a shirt and tie can be seen gripping onto the clothes of the man in black as he continues to punch him, whilst a staff member can also be seen outside, watching the fight whilst speaking on the phone.

Izzy, a second year Cardiff University student, lives very near the pub and whilst she didn’t witness the fight, she saw from her accommodation police arrive at the pub following the altercation.

One member of the Law Rugby team was identified to police when they arrived by two women. Izzy said: “One of the boys who was part of the society went outside to speak to the police and the women said ‘that’s him’.

“I’m guessing he was part of the fight or the [committee member].”

Despite the violent nature of the brawl, Izzy claims that the situation was quickly diffused with the society being kicked out of the pub seemingly in high spirts.

“Nothing more happened besides the society being kicked out of The Mack, once outside they proceeded to chant and sing,” Izzy told The Cardiff Tab.

This comes as Cardiff University’s Psychology Rugby was banned from IMG and the Students’ Union for holding a “wife beater” social last month, and Cardiff University’s Rugby team was banned from the Students’ Union for “dangerous behaviour” in the queue for an SU club night earlier in the academic year.

A spokesperson for Cardiff University Law Rugby Team told The Cardiff Tab: “We do not condone violence of any kind, we will be working with relevant parties to review what happened as a priority.”

A South Wales Police spokesperson added: “Police attended a report of a fight at Mackintosh Pub at around 8.15pm on March 6th however those involved had left the area.

“There was no signs of blood or broken glass and there have been no reports of any injuries.”

*Name changed to preserve anonymity 

The Tab Cardiff has contacted Cardiff University’s Students’ Union for comment. 

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