Cardiff Uni rugby team allegedly banned from playing in league after ‘wife beater’ social

Members of the Psychology Rugby Club wore a costume of white vests and cans of Stella Artois

Cardiff University’s Psychology Rugby Club has allegedly been banned from the SU after members dressed up as “wife beaters” for a Valentine’s Day social.

In videos seen by The Cardiff Tab, society members can be seen wearing a costume of white vests, colloquially dubbed “wife beaters”, and drinking cans of Stella, a stereotype of men who beat their spouses.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleged to The Cardiff Tab that the Students’ Union has now banned the society from the Wednesday sport night event YOLO at the SU club Y Plas, as well suspending the club from playing in the university’s IMG rugby league.

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The Cardiff Tab was told by a source: “Last week [Psychology Rugby Club’s] social was ‘wife beater’, and they basically had to wear a white vest and drink Stella, and that was their theme.”

In the videos from the social, which occurred on Wednesday 14th February, society members can be seen chugging beers and drinking from funnels, whilst holding cans of Stella Artois.

In other footage, female students from a different society at the university can be seen applying red lipstick to male members of the rugby club.

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When approached, Psychology Rugby Club claimed that the “issue had been dealt with” however, in a statement, the Students’ Union confirmed to The Cardiff Tab that there is still an “ongoing investigation.”

The club also said in its statement that the theme was “never wife beaters” and instead was “dead beat dads” but that it recognises where the “confusion” could come from.

However, The Cardiff Tab’s source refutes this, saying: “The theme was originally meant to be ‘dead beat dads’ but instead they went with ‘wife beaters’ and then someone reported it.”

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On the alleged ban the club now faces, the source added: “I don’t know why no one thought, ‘Hm, maybe this isn’t a good idea, guys’.”

This isn’t the first time this academic year that a Cardiff University-based rugby team has been banned from the Students’ Union.

In October, a group of students who were identified as “rugby freshers” were banned from wearing blue shirts and chinos at Cardiff’s SU club for “reckless, dangerous, and incredibly irresponsible” behaviour, following an incident in the YOLO queue.

The students, who were wearing blue shirts and chinos, were accused of starting a maul in the queue, as well as tackling each other. However, they were allowed back into the Students’ Union for socials a few weeks later.

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A Students’ Union spokesperson said: “The Students’ Union does not comment on ongoing investigations to ensure a fair and thorough process. It is important to note that some of the reporting surrounding this issue may be inaccurate and does not present the full and current situation.

“As an organisation with a long-standing commitment to upholding behaviour expectations across all groups, including sports teams, any behaviours that fall below established standards will be investigated. As a priority, we will continue to work to maintain safe and inclusive environment for all members of our university community.”

Psychology Rugby Club said: “At the current time the issue has been dealt with, with the AU. We have proven our case to the AU and they are happy for us to continue all social activities in the coming days once all signed off.

“Our theme was never wife beaters which can be confirmed by all involved including psychology netball who vouched for us against all the claims. The social theme was a single dad theme labels as ‘dead beat dads’, we understand the confusion however we believe this paints a false image of our club and its members. As a club we sincerely apologise for any offence this may have caused and AU has sent our direct apologies to person who made the complaint.”

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