Students wearing blue shirts and chinos banned from Cardiff SU after ‘dangerous’ behaviour

No, this isn’t an April Fools joke


Students wearing blue shirts and chinos have been banned from Cardiff SU on Wednesday nights due to “dangerous behaviour”.

The Students’ Union outlined the ban in an email seen by The Tab which was sent to Athletic Union members, saying students wearing blue shirts and chinos will no longer be able to attend YOLO on Wednesday nights, following an incident on 4th October.

If students turn up to the SU wearing these items, then they will be refused entry.

Shirts and chinos has become the unofficial uniform of male students involved with sports clubs up and down the country, only identifiable as to what club they belong to by their individual ties or shirt colours. The students will often wear this combination when on sports socials at the SU.

The incident was alleged to have happened in the queue before YOLO, and was described by the SU as “reckless, dangerous, and incredibly irresponsible”.

A witness to the event claimed that it was started by a group of first year students, he said: “A load of rugby freshers were waiting in the queue for the SU last Wednesday, and they had a bit too much to drink.

“There was about 10/15 of them that started a ‘maul’, so essentially it was a load of rugby boys pushing against each other in the queue tackling each other.”

Security officers were able to intervene quickly and disperse the crowd, with the SU saying this action prevented a “major incident”.

The email continued by saying: “We want to make it unequivocally clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated, and we are committed to maintaining the safety of both our security staff and the students attending our events.”

The SU also asked for anyone who knows the identities of the students, to come forward.

It concluded by saying the restrictions will remain in place until the SU is confident that the “behaviours have been rooted out”.

The Athletic Union is part of the SU and facilitates the sports clubs at Cardiff Uni. When you become a member, it makes you eligible to represent the university in a sport.

It is currently unclear which sports club’s members were responsible for the incident but the email was received by all Athletic Union members including Rugby and Hockey.

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