Colossal Cathays cannabis bust

Stoners despair

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A cannabis factory spanning two houses in Cathays has been shut down by police.

The Glynrhondda Street grow was uncovered late last night in a police raid.

Police are still on the scene dismantling the facility and removing plants.

Police have been guarding the property all day

Two people were arrested during the operation.

The weed works occupied both 24 and 26 Glynrhondda Street and featured living quarters for the houses’ green fingered occupants, as well as the factory itself.

It took four police vans, as well as additional squad cars to transport all the seized mary-jane from the property.

When asked whether all the vehicles were necessary a police officer said:“Absolutely, can’t you smell it?”

Four of these vans were required to move the ganja, as well as squad cars.

Another said: “We’re going to need a couple hundred large evidence bags.”

Ben, a 20 year old Cardiff University Student, said: “I spoke to one of the police officers outside and she told me it’s the biggest haul of cannabis she’s ever come across in Cardiff.

Officers have been removing evidence from the scene all day.

The swoop was part of a wider police operation that saw several properties being searched in relation to illegal drug production.

Police Community Support Officers, regular officers and a forensic team were at the factory.

One student told The Tab: “It’s weird to think we get our weed from a dealer who probably gets his weed from a factory over the road to us.”

John, a Cardiff Uni student, said: “The road does often smell like herb, but you just think it’s students being students.

“The road is so busy you wouldn’t think a factory would be here, I guess it’s like hiding in plain sight.

“I never saw the people who lived there.”

The factory’s seized equipment features HPS lights, ducting, a large carbon filter and buckets for hydroponics. This set-up would cost around £2,000 new and is capable of producing high yields.

Liam, another Cardiff Uni student, saw an arrest taking place outside the property on his way home from a night out at Retros.

A police spokesperson said: “Police officers have served a warrant at an address on Glynrhondda Street and have uncovered a cannabis factory.”