Outrage as sports teams suffer minor inconvenience

Varsity package waiting times in excess of 10 minutes

Outspoken sports teams and their members have decried the efforts of Students’ Union staff handling the allocation of Varsity wristbands and t-shirts.  

Another day, another line in the Union. And not the fun kind.

Changes to the procedures for purchase and allocation of Varsity packages have caused backlogs and queueing.

The new system, in place for the first time this year, means that one person can only buy one ticket with their student ID.

Good old fashioned Varsity fun

In addition, a variety of different collection and distribution points at randomly selected locations in the Union have further complicated matters.

Many believe the change to be another misplaced venture by the SU, ironically and predictably resulting in a state of affairs completely juxtaposed to the intended outcome.

No more breaking into the crows nest above the hockey stand.

Cardiff finalists have deplored the changes, fondly reminiscing of rosier Varsities past – free of tired bureaucracy and irksome coach travel to the Gower.

Questioning whether the end times are upon us Daniel, a member of a sports team’s committee, said: “I am in a state of shock.

“The scenes at the Union are unbelievable – I’ve spoken to people who have been waiting for more than 10 minutes.

No more flares at Pontcanna

“Some of us have better things to be doing, other commitments, that this farce is getting in the way of.”

Escobar, member of IMG football team MOMED AFC, said: “My experience as a whole has been a travesty.

“I bought a Hero package, only to not be provided with a Lash ticket or wristband for coach travel in Swansea from Sketty Lane to the Liberty.

“It makes you wonder if the morons on Park Place want to stop us from getting piss drunk and embarrassing the University in Swansea.”

Who are you calling an embarrassment?


And concerned Cycling Team President Joe Lockett attacked the “overcomplicated” new rules.

He told The Tab: “Initially you had to collect stadium tickets and T-shirts. Then completely separately we had to collect the club night tickets and the coaches.

“Basically it was a massive shambles the way of ordering the tickets through the club didn’t really work and nobody knows what’s really happening about varsity itself.”