Splott Warehouse was sick… again

And now they‘ve announced the date for Colour Fest pt. 2

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Being a nightclub promoter, I spend a lot of my time telling people how massive, classic or maximum party different nights in the Welsh capital are going to be. Very rare is the occasion when I tell someone “it‘s going to go off” and actually believe it myself. Then the posse at Splott put 5,000 people in a warehouse and set it to the soundtrack of some of the best UK DJs and, well… it got looser than the financial regulations in the City of London.

The most sober looking people we could find.

Following the resounding successes of Colour Fest and Welcome to the Warehouse, a great deal of well organised mayhem was required to even consider putting Off Piste on the same party continent as Splott‘s previous events. Fortunately, a veritable bounty of shenanigans were delivered.

We caught up with Zane Lowe to see what he thought of Cardiff‘s only Warehouse rave.

How was that then, Zane?

Awesome. I‘ve played a lot of warehouse parties with varying levels of organisation and how receptive the crowd is. That was one of the best organised that I have been involved with, and Cardiff loves music, man.

Zane looked this cool throughout his entire set.

When can we next catch you in Cardiff?

Normally I‘m here two or three times a year, but in 2015 I‘m actually pretty open and haven‘t committed to alot of dates yet. I‘m looking forward to having the opportunity to spend more time with my family. Oh, and I‘ve got some big news about Ibiza Rocks in 2015 too.

Even the security team have got moves.

Go on…

You‘ll have to wait and see, my lips are sealed for the time being.

What do you want for Christmas?

I‘m okay actually, I‘ve got everything I need.

What was your Hottest Record of 2014?

For me personally it was Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars on Uptown Funk. I would say Ben Howard, but he‘s my buddy and he can‘t have both that and album of the year.

We eve thought it was snowing at one point.

Shag, marry, murder…

I‘m not playing that game.

How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled, but only if I‘m making them. All they need is a little bit of milk. If not then poached.

Still looking cool.

If you could play one gig and die a happy man, where would it be?

Good question, I‘ve played the Royal Albert Hall, which is a magical venue, so perhaps I could go now. Somewhere I haven‘t played yet would be  maybe Red Rocks in Colorado.

Splott Warehouse have announced that Colour Fest 2015 will be on June 6th and that the event has been granted a late night license.