Watch: Road rage on Park Place

An angry man called another driver a slut and a bitch

The harsh Cathays sun has clearly gone to someone’s head.

The incident took place at the crossroads between Park Place, Corbett Road and Colum Road.

Following what appeared to be a minor collision, the occupants of two vehicles entered into a vicious verbal slanging match.

One irate driver was heard screaming: “You’re a fucking bitch, you’re a fucking bitch.

“I fucked your car? You know about that you ginger? You’re a fucking slut.”

He then decided to leave his Silver Vauxhall Astra to punch and shake the Black Renault Clio.

The occupants of the Clio responded by saying: “And what? And what?”

Both parties proceeded to threaten each other with legal action, almost simultaneously yelling “I’ll call the police” before pausing and again simultaneously shouting “Call the fucking police.”