Dapper Laughs PULLED from Y Plas gig

He’s incompatible with the SU’s policy on lad culture


Cheeky comedian Dapper Laughs has been BANNED from performing at Y Plas in February.  

Incensed students called for the act, whose comedic repertoire includes “get your gash out then” and “I would tell you a joke about my dick but it is too long”, to be pulled in a petition last week.

Now, the union have revealed they will be cancelling the comedian’s performance saying: “Dapper Laughs is not allowed to perform on grounds that his show is incompatible with the Students’ Union’s policy on lad culture.”

This is as close as we could get to photographic evidence of Dapper’s supposedly mighty johnson.

Vicky Chandler, President of the Journalism Society, started the petition to boycott O’Reilly’s show, which has now racked up a staggering 713 signatures.

Talking about the victory in a Facebook status, she said: “Myself and other women supporting the cause were called the most awful names and I’m sure it won’t stop for a while, but we stood up for something we believe in.

“We pay £9k a year in fees to our uni and we have every right to have our say. Particular thanks to Elliot, Kate and Laura for really pushing the motion forward within the SU, and Georgia Lubrani for being the sassiest Twitter campaigner in the land.

“There was no place in a highly regarded academic institution for that degrading, misogynistic crap that was packaged as “humour” whether it was Dapper Laughs or any other sexist comedians that saw a ‘gap in the market’ for completely degrading women for a cheap laugh.

“I accept his success in an external venue but I’m pleased to have stood up for the the right’s of women, and the awareness of equality at my university.

“We have managed to start a conversation around campus about feminism and gender equality and so many women have come forward and felt more comfortable than ever to talk about their experiences with sexual assault.

I hope now we can move forward and ensure that our university campus will forever remain a safe space for the whole of the university population and all the minority and liberation groups it hosts. Feminism 1 – 0 Dapper Laughs.”

Vicky Chandler is powering the petition


When she started the petition last week, Vicky told The Tab: “It’s so easy for people, men especially, to see my dislike for Dapper Laughs as another feminist stereotype for “man hating”, but it’s not.

“I’m not calling for his show to be banned entirely from the city of Cardiff, and if it was an external venue in Cardiff I wouldn’t be complaining.

“A show like this should not be happening in an academic institution, especially one that has enforced an ‘Anti-Lad Culture Policy’.

“I just can’t believe they’ve allowed a “comedian” who’s jokes and the majority of his live shows centre around the trivialisation of rape, the dehumanising of women and the promotion of unprotected sex, a soap box for his misogynistic views.

Another enraged student on Twitter said “I will do everything in my power to have your show banned” after he told her to “fuck off” in a tweet.