St David’s STI clinic have been giving out condoms that are a YEAR OUT OF DATE

There are no reports of pregnancy yet

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The Tab can exclusively reveal that a sexual health clinic in Cardiff has been dispensing OUT OF DATE condoms.

The STI clinic at St David’s Hospital on Cowbridge Road East, dished out johnnies that were over a year past their use by date.

Cardiff third year Emily alerted the Tab to the blunder after receiving several packets of Pasante Unique Condoms that had expired in July 2013.

The condoms were issued from a clinic at St David’s Hospital

The hapless student went to the the Integrated Sexual Health and Young Persons Clinic, clinic on Saturday 27th September.

She told The Tab: “I went because my GP recommended using latex free condoms, but mainly because I just wanted some free ones.

“The nurse also said I shouldn’t treat condoms as my only form of contraception, as she has two ‘condom babies’ herself.

“When I got home I used one of them and realised after that it was more than a year out of date.

“It’s weird that this has happened – I’ve never seen a condom packet where the use by date has been so prominently displayed.

“She probably has two condom babies because she uses out of date condoms.”

All of the rubbers were out of date

The packaging clearly shows a use by date.

The Tab have procured some of the unused condoms in question and upon opening the packet were amazed to find what resembled cellophane wrap.

Can you distinguish between cling film and contraceptive?