Smog is coming: Panic as thick toxic mist descends on Cardiff

Don’t go outside

Cardiff students are in a grip of fear as a toxic smog cloud approaches the city.

South Wales is set to be hit by a wall of air pollution as soon as today, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

An orange warning has been placed over Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, which is indicative of pollution reaching six points out of a 10 point scale.

Cough cough

The smog has the potential to cause asthma attacks and heart problems, as well as irritating the eyes and throat of normal healthy people.

Just like everything else that’s wrong with this country, the air pollution is coming from Europe.

Pollution levels will peak at 9/10 in Doncaster, with London and the Midlands affected also.

Fabian, a third year studying Business Management, said: “I’m terrified. Is this the day to end days?

Look at the devastation

“What if my asthma plays up and I have to use an inhaler?”

It’s clear that the mood in Cardiff is tense and uncertain, but the UK government was quick to supply emergency advice on the situation.

A DEFRA spokesperson said: “Follow your doctor’s usual advice about exercising and managing your condition.”