Third year injected with EPIPEN for sports initiation dare

‘I shook uncontrollably for half an hour’

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An overexcited third year was injected with an EpiPen as part of a sports social that got a bit loose.

Rowdy club members dared him to brave the dose of adrenaline, which is usually used to counteract anaphylactic shock as part of a serious allergic reaction.

He said: “It’s pure adrenaline – I shook uncontrollably for half an hour.”

This is an EpiPen

It started out as a regular Wednesday night – just 50 lads enjoying a pint or two.

Thirsty members were playing “love pint”, which sees teams compete to transfer a pint between each others’ mouths before the person at the end of the line spits out what’s left back into a vessel and downs the contents.

But things soon escalated when one keen player was asked if he wanted to do something crazy.

“I was like yeah why not, I’m up for most things.

“It went in my leg, it didn’t hurt at all and I’ve got no scar.

“If you ever get the shakes from drinking, that’s what its like but on a massive scale.

“It’s pure adrenaline – it didn’t hurt at all, I just shook uncontrollably for about half an hour.

“I’d recommend it to anyone, not in a social setting, I mean if you need one in a medical context it’ll get the job done.”

“It’s an excellent way to contract Herpes”

A leg