Oosh! Sports team strip off and run around Julian Hodge

Fill your boots

Library goers got a welcome break from dissertations last week when a team of naked boys came running through the Hodge.

The saucy streakers were thought to be on a sports social and can be heard chanting “let’s go fucking bonkers”.

They shouted “thank you, thank you. Sorry everyone” on their way out.

23-year-old Nate Yao who is studying a Masters in Business Management was working on his assignment in the Hodge. He said: “It happened at 10pm.

“I was working on my assignment and suddenly I heard loud talking from outside. I saw many guys take off their clothes and then they ran into the room.

“They were running, singing, laughing – and they were all naked.

“People in the room felt lost and just stared at them. It was really funny.

“It is the most interesting and shocking moment since I came to Cardiff, I’m originally from China.

“I started filming because, of course, I wanted to share it with my friends.

“It doesn’t happen very often, right?”