Charlie Heb-NO: Bristol SU bans ‘unsafe’ magazine targeted by terrorists

It’s a ‘Safe Space’ issue

charlie hebdo free speech

Fearful SU apparatchiks have banned copies of Charlie Hebdo from being sold at Bristol University.

Three million copies of the satirical rag are on sale this week, but none of them will be bought on the West Country campus, because it fails the Union’s “Safe Space” policy.

Full Time Officer Alex Bradbrook ruled out selling the landmark issue, which features pictures of the Prophet Mohammed under the headline “All is forgiven.”

Banter caliphate.


It’s unclear whether Bradbrook is using the term “Safe Space” to refer to a safe haven from violence, or to mean an area where people should not be offended.

The Safe Space policy is intended to ensure students are “free from fear of threats, intimidation, harassment and the deliberate, or negligent, creation of unsafe or unwelcoming conditions.”