Savvy Swansea landlord ditches staff for iPads

Archaic Cardiff sentiments of Jack inadequacy ring true with pub owner

beer wall ipub jack swansea westbourne

The Westbourne pub in Swansea has its own self-serve beer wall, where punters tap in their orders.

Mark Lingwood, The Westbourne’s landlord, started the progressive idea to cut down on queueing at the bar.

Visitors must purchase a special card which allows them to use iPads to order food and drink in the futuristic boozer.

Photo courtesy of Wales News Service Ltd

The inebriating advancement will make it even harder for Swansea students to find work.

Fabian, a third year Business Management student from Cardiff Uni, said: “Same old Swansea, always cheating, but it’s a pretty cool idea.”

Katie, a first year Geology student at Cardiff Uni, said: “I think it’s pretty stupid because people are still fairly limited in their understanding of technology, and some old people won’t be able to use them.

“It’s really lazy from the owner, for not hiring waiters and waitresses or training them.”

Photo courtesy of Wales News Service Ltd