BNOC of the year: Heat one

You know their names like you know the menu at Uni Kitchen


The first round of the first ever annual BNOC of the year competition at Cardiff. Nominated by their friends, who live forever in their shadow of infamy and notoriety, let’s take a look at our fresher contestants.

Joe Merriweather

Joe is a first year journalism student, musician and all round nice guy. You will most likely find him with his partner in crime, also called Joe, aimlessly wandering down Colum road. A Womanby Street regular, find him playing gigs in various locations around Cardiff.

Huw Thomas

That one guy in every single club photo, and not just in groups of friends. Huw Thomas’ stalking of club photographers has reached the point that he now manages to get pictures on his own. He is essentially a resident model.  He loves a good selfie, but once fell foul of the Shang photographer who videoed him posing.

Also a fantastic cook, after a night out Huw feels that it is his duty to cook everyone bacon and egg sandwiches, stealing the ingredients of whichever unfortunate soul actually has food in the fridge. He is adored by all, for regularly feeding and entertaining with his weekly domination of club photos.

Ollie Pepperell

Ollie plays rugby and American football and, as a result, has had to do some particularly harsh sport initiations. Rumours have, in the past, circulated that an unfortunate rodent met its demise at the hands of Ollie’s oesophagus. A House V regular and well renowned through out his Biology course.

 Maisie Gillespie

When organising a big night out, it’s imperative to find a rep who will get you VIP and all the extra trappings. There are very few people with a bigger rep status than Maisie. As a Climax rep, Maisie spends most evenings promoting and selling tickets, inevitably upping her big name status. Plus as a member of the equestrian team that won at varsity, part of next year’s journalism committee, and the journalism netball team’s vice-captain (who bags man-of-the-match almost every game), Maisie’s network is bigger than that seagull that eats the leftover chips at the back of the social.