Corrie Gold

Exeter’s roads evacuated after school bomb scare

A case with wires was found outside St. Sidwell’s

Everything you need to know about the AU dinner

The lovechild of the Olympics and the Oscars

Council bores dub last Freshers’ Week the ‘worst yet’

Good work fresh

Uni outlets remove tampon tax

About bloody time too

A second year started #cameronettes as a joke and now The Telegraph think he’s the ‘brainchild’ of a right-wing movement

He has nothing to do with Lynton Crosby

Almost half of Exeter finalists are set to vote Tory

We’re sick to fucking death of poor people

Your student experience is great, so stop moaning about revision

Durham have it a lot worse off than you

Exeter has leeched over £230,000 out of us in fines

Enough money to pay for 8,611 people’s degrees

I find clubbing boring now I’m in a relationship and I’m not sorry about it

I don’t need to be up all night to get lucky

Muse are coming to Exeter and it’s absolute Madness

Those who got tickets were most defintely Feeling Good

Why are you living in your own filth?

You dirty bastard

Friday Top-Top becomes Women in Business date auction site

Now there is a new way to guarantee you’ll find love in TP

Expenses ‘scandal’ causes University to turn on its own media machine

University officials were involved in a ‘seemingly deliberate attempt to intimidate’ Exeposé

Can everyone please stop crying on nights out?

‘Cos big girls don’t cry. Especially not on the middle of the dancefloor

Is Tamsin Martin-Smith Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette?

She’s got both the looks and the legs

Is India-Rose Hatfield Exeter’s Most Eligible Bachelorette?

She once almost got eaten by a shark (not a euphemism)

Is Zoë Courtesy Exeter’s Most Eligible Batchelorette?

Can you be the Derek to her Meredith?

Is Rosie Young Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette?

Meet the true face of Exeter

Is Ash Mahendran Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette?

Can this medic be the one to heal your broken heart?

Is Genevieve Kotarska Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette?

Can you offer her more than a micro-pig can?