Everything you need to know about the AU dinner

The lovechild of the Olympics and the Oscars

By the queue in TP last night you may have gathered the little-known event called the AU Dinner had rolled around again. Exeter’s sporting elite, the pinnacles of good health, gathered in a castle for a night of fine dining and boozing to celebrate a year of sporting achievement.

If your invite got lost in the post somewhere, here are some of the highlights of what was essentially the poshest TP pres of the year.

And there wasn’t an eel in sight.

The barbershop quartet look was modelled with pride

Some classy award food was eaten

The AU spared no expenses on live entertainment

EUAFC got a bit confused about how to use furniture

EULHC’s Kathyrn Lane showed us all how to celebrate winning Sportswoman of the Year in style

American Football were forever gracious in accepting their award

Hockey’s Will Baker represented accountants across the land

EURFC proved that knowing how to play with your balls will make you a champion

Being able to fight off the competition probably in no-way helped Boxing score Team of the Year and Ike to pick up Sportsman of the Year

Lacrosse’s Sophie Coombes Roberts scooped Team Captain of the Year

Sam Skinner got an award, which probably made all the bolting and eyebrow-sacrificing worth it

The compulsory fireworks were set off so everyone could get in the TP queue before the mortals were let in