McDonald’s incinerated in ‘fat fire’

Excess fat really is a health and safety risk

At 10am this morning a fire broke out in Maccy D’s in Exeter highstreet.

The fire was reportedly caused by a fat-vat catching alight in the fast-food joint.

Exeter highstreet was blocked off all the way from McDonald’s to M&S, with four fire engines and eight police cars still present at the scene two hours later.

The shocking scenes generated a whirl-wind of excitement amongst the locals who were attempting to do their Christmas shopping around the flames.

One American man was heard gleefully exclaiming: “Oh my god it’s McDonalds” when he discovered it was everyone’s favourite fine-dining eatery that had been engulfed in flames.

Another woman told her son that: “McDonalds is going down” as they stood in the doorway of Jack Will’s to get a better view of the action.

Third year Psychologist Albertine Brandon, who witnessed the chaos on the high street, was heartbroken by the loss of her favourite restaurant in town:

Albertine says: “I’m devastated, where else can I get my fillet-a-fish with extra tartar sauce from?”

Conspiracy theories are already arising around a possible link between the fire and the SSB this evening- could someone have just wanted to get rid of all those oh-so-tempting carbs?