BNOC of the Year 2014: Group 4

It’s the last of the group stages so make your vote count. Even Exeposé are on board

We did it. We made BNOC history.

Round 3 officially saw the slimmest victory ever in the competition, with the victor earning his place in the final by only TWO VOTES.

If that isn’t proof that every single vote counts then I don’t know what is.

Take a look at the last round of nominations of the year and decide who you want to see in the final.

Your vote really could be the one that changes everything.

Lydia Byrne

Don’t Byrne yourself on this EUWRFC social sec, too hot to handle according to many accounts, except for when she’s partaken a little too much rum on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturdaty night.

If you don’t recognise the face, you’ll probably remember her as “the one that got taken away in an ambulance” but even still with a smile on her face.

Probably her bravest achievement to date is letting the rugby girls cut off her hair for Cancer Research last month, raising an impressive £230 for charity and donating her hair to children who have lost theirs during cancer treatment.

Possessing both a heart of gold and an award winning smile, Lydia is a BNOC with real courage.

Fraser Moon

Fraser Moon, aside from having a fantastic name, is a busy man.

He’s Student Brand Manager for a multi-million pound energy drink corporation, making him the owner of quite possibly the coolest car on campus (hint: it’s the enormous truck with the built-in DJ decks parked on Polsloe Road), and an unlimited supply of taurine-based bevvies.

When he isn’t fulfilling his duties as SBM, he is fulfilling the challenging yet rewarding role of cricket social secretary, planning legendary socials and chewing VKs at an alarming rate.

Despite being described by a friend as having “questionable chat” and sometimes “slightly mad suggestions” (whatever that means), Fraser oozes charm when he’s Always Out, whether it be at Monday Moz or Cavern. Either way, he certainly fulfils the criteria for BNOC.

Monika Patel

Hailing from Hackney in East London, Monika Patel is already inherently cool without even counting all of her other traits.

She’s balancing a Masters degree in Physics of all things with being president of the well-known Beats and Bass society, being an integral part in the organization of B n B events in Exeter, as well as their trips away in the search of great electronic music.

This Queen of networking knows literally everyone there is to know in the Exeter electronic music scene, from promoters to DJs to club managers, and is ever-present on guestlists.

Before this responsibility, she took the reins of popular student night EXIT last year, and for whole three and a bit years she’s been at Exeter has managed to still be out constantly, showing the world that scientists can be fun too.

Harrison Jones 

Fresh from his encounters with Colin the Eel, EUAFC and co, you can find our vertically challenged Exeposé editor by the squadron of pidge following him around campus to sample his legendary chat.

What this infamous character lacks in height he makes up for in BNOC status and by being on top top 24/7. He doesn’t so much pull there, as “get pulled”… off the ledge, and duly binned, after the would-be-partner takes a horrified look down.

If he can’t resurrect the situation (99% of the time) with his slightly above average lid, he’s likely bolting at the bar in questionable time with a posse of future journos and hockey players who he gently encourages (but never forces) to get nearly as loose as him.

The fact that he actually had a parody Twitter account surely makes him a genuine contender, but really, he’s just here for a slating in the comments section.

Alex Ainsworth 

Commonly referred to as “Mr Exe-traordinary” Alex is renowned for his love of double denim and great chat. President of the Longboarding Society, he can often be seen skating around campus in a tie-dye T-shirt with his homeboys. This guy has some pretty sick skills.

If you don’t recognise his face you have most definitely heard his distinctive voice, which is a cross between Hugh Grant and a Cambridge choirboy.

Alex is not only a strong contender for BNOC of the year but is one to look out for in the future, studying Economics and Politics don’t be surprised if he ends up as PM.

Will Norris

Will “Nosh” Norris has gained the nickname through his love of noshing on everything (VKs, Birds etc).

Loved by ladies and gents alike, this cheeky Essex geezer charms his way into the hearts of everyone he meets by just generally being a bloody nice guy.

Rumour has it Mosaic would have shut down last year if it wasn’t for this bloke arriving on the scene.

As for Group 3:

Ben King triumphs over Kwasi Yeboah in a contest tighter than the proverbial tiger.

Ben was eking out a narrow victory over UWE Hartpury this afternoon so couldn’t speak to us – but pass on your congratulations to him in Timepiece tonight.

13.11.13 never forget