Apprentice star Solomon to speak for Global Entrepreneur Week

An Exeter student has sex and films it – but this time the uni don’t seem to mind

Ex- BNOC nominee and The Apprentice contestant Solomon Akhtar has been announced by The Guild as one of the guest speakers for Global Entrepreneur Week – despite his recent, very public, sex-tape scandal.

This decision has surprised many, as traditionally the University is not the biggest fan of people having sex on camera.

A man who has had sex on camera. How Exeter of him.

Not only has the 23 year old shockingly admitted to having sex before, but he’s also been responsible for advocating others to have sex too,  having run the infamous F*** Me I’m Fresh night at Rococo’s while in his second and third year here.

Hardly an obvious choice for a Guild-endorsed speaker.

Akhtar will be speaking alongside 5 other examples of “Exeter’s most successful, inspiring and dynamic entrepreneurs who started their businesses while studying at Exeter”, including TickBox founder Matthew Morley who we interviewed last year.

Maybe he’ll bring his dog with him?

Students seem just as unbothered by Solly’s illicit activities as The Guild do.

Robin, a third year Classicist, says “A scandal that doesn’t directly influence his business acumen isn’t relevant to the discussion.

“If he can sell you his product, I don’t see why anyone should care what he does in his spare time.”

The face of ‘Exeter’s most successful, inspiring and dynamic entrepreneur’

Similarly, second year English student Adam said “Honestly, who cares about his sex tape?

“Yes he’s made a tape, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be successful and give people advice.

“After all, how many people from Exeter have made it onto The Apprentice…”

However, the far more worrying implication of booking Solly to speak is that it demonstrates the duplicity over The Guild’s stand on sex.

Zoe, a fourth year Philosopher, says “I think it’s incredibly hypocritical that an entire charity event [The SSB] was called off because of the shocking revelation that students have sex, and a student faced disciplinary action for openly speaking about her sexuality.

“Yet, when it is revealed that a former student has had sex, and recorded it, he is welcomed to the university with open arms because he is on the Apprentice.”