Get excited: The Enchanted Garden Ball is back

And it’s set to be as magical as it sounds

From the people who bought you the (actually decent) SSB, tickets for the legendary Enchanted Garden go on sale this weekend. And you need to get your hands on one fast.

Returning for it’s fifth year, the EGB is set to return to Shoebrook Park on 6th June for a night of “festival inspired content from zorbing to Silent discos and secret bars” (providing you can find them of course).

Tickets go on sale on Sunday 1st February at 5pm, and range from £32-£38. Last year over 2/3 of the tickets sold in the first hour alone, so in typical Exeter style, securing your place there is gonna be a challenge.

But is the night actually worth the hype? What can those elite few who manage to nab tickets actually expect?

What’s changed from last year?


Remember the “fabulous Fashpack”  from last year who splashed out the great face paint and made your new profile picture look on point for the whole summer? Well they’re set to return this year, and can be found in the “back stage beauty parlour” ready to cater to all of your “facial jazz and glitter needs”.


Picture the end of year party in Grease, but with less leather trousers. Though the full list of rides is yet to be announced, Enchanted have so far promised dodgems, candy floss and the chance to win that special someone a giant teddy bear.


This is set to combine the delights of Asian cuisine with a karaoke bar (because why not).

Details will be put out later about how you can pre-book a singing slot, but at the very least you’re guaranteed to be able to sit and enjoy a crispy duck pancake whilst watching someone else embarrass themselves, which is always a privilege worth paying for.


Though one may wonder why a summer party would pick such winter themed setting, it promises to combine “classic après live performances and bands” with the EGB staple, the stein. What’s not to love?


This is sure to be perfect to experience in the sun, with saris, henna, Bollywood dancers and the chance to visit EGB’s very own Taj Mahal.


Possibly the greatest addition to the EBG, the treehouse stage is set to “urban beats with forest treats”.  Though it’s yet unclear as to what exactly these urban beats may be, this is sure to be somewhere you spend a large part of your night.

Have they changed the queuing system?

Following last year’s queueing debacle which left many injured after they were forced to wait in huge crowds to get a bus home, EGB have assured us that new regulations will be put in place.

“We’re closing roads, drafting in a crack team of travel specialists and have even had a new bypass built. Ok, the last one may not have been us, but in short your journey to and from the garden will be smooth sailing”

In addition to this, they’re offering a new stewarding system to control the flow of people leaving the venue, and have coaches on stand-by if necessary.

Tickets can be purchased from here.