The Best of ‘Spotted in the Forum’

As the term draws to an end, it seems only right to recap the year’s highlights, Spotted style

pigeons Spotted in the Forum

With 7,292 likes on Facebook, Exeter’s ‘Spotted in the Forum’ site is one we all know and love. Having survived the uni’s futile efforts to ban it due to the risk  that it “will put people off visiting the Forum if they think their appearance, dress sense, or sexual availability is going to be discussed in front of thousands of people”, ‘Spotted in the Forum’ is going even stronger than ever.

With the term drawing to the end, it seems only befitting that we give the page the credit it deserves, and look back at some of it’s best moments:

1. Lem-mories


Where would be without ‘Spotted in the Forum’ to help us recount all the drunken debauchery from our Saturday nights.  Thanks to the site, the brave efforts of Lemmy security and the valiant efforts of this unfortunate victim’s friends to drag her out of the toilet to safety will be forever immortalised.

2. Dick Spotting

‘Spotted in the Forum’ also provides the highly useful function of naming and shaming the most pretentious pricks on campus. Campus deserves to be warned about Made in Chelsea wannabes lurking amongst us….

3. Threesome 

Possibly the best moment of this guy’s life has been captured by the site and projected to the page’s 7000 followers; I imagine the girls may not be so pleased about this.

4. Compare the Meerkat and Shakespeare Mash-Up

Often a sight filled with delightful comments celebrating the beauty of women’s body, this guy takes it a step further by referencing BOTH Shakespeare’s most famous sonnet AND the Compare the Meerkat characters. Misogynistic as he may be, you’ve gotta give him some credit for his creative prowess.

5. Lecturers need naps too… 

When Exeter Uni wanted to ban the site because it was causing students to be living in fear of being snapped for the website, little did they know that they themselves could end up on the site. The idea of the this lecturer busting some moves on the top floor of TP was just too good not to include.

6. The AA Dating Platform

This guy has basically summarised everyone’s ideal girl: she has hair and is drunk. However, you’ve gotta give ‘Spotted in the Forum’ credit for trying to bring these two soul-mates together anyhow.

7. Celebrating Diversity across the Campus

A regular sight on the page, this cheeky chappy has been spotted in a variety of locations, from classrooms, to lecture halls, to the gym. If seeing his smiley face around campus has ever brightened your day, you have Spotted to thank for it.

8. This guy!

For anyone who has ever been sitting in the library, trying to do some actual studying, and has been disturbed by the oh-so-jolly sounds of the piano, your hate has been vented and shared by all.

9. Pigeons

Anything that takes the piss out of sports teams and includes pigeons is automatically funny. Fact.

10 More Pigeons…