Archie Barker

Archie Barker
Exeter University

Environmental issues, student lifestyles, scandal, University of Exeter, pop culture, Drag Race, museums, LGBTQ+ news

  • Archie Barker, News Editor at The Tab Exeter, uncovers breaking stories and creates current, impactful content for students
  • He specialises in university leaderboards, navigates Exeter controversies, and incorporates pop culture into student narratives
  • Archie Barker is interested in exploring the ethical considerations in journalism, particularly The Tab's editorial selection process.


Archie gained editorial experience leading The Highdown Herald, his school newspaper in Sixth Form, working with a diverse team spanning Year 7 to Year 13.


Archie studied at a state-school in Reading and began his BA English studies at the University of Exeter in 2021. Currently in his final year, Archie, like many, has little to no clue about his next steps after graduation.


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University of Exeter warns students over ‘contaminated’ heroin as drug overdoses rise in area

The university has since faced criticism for advising safe drug practices instead of exclusively condemning use

Meet the Exeter entrepreneurs who transformed their student loans into a £475k business

They even passed up a Dragons’ Den investment opportunity

Exeter named as one of 15 Russell Group unis lowering grade boundaries for overseas students

Overseas students can access pathways into Exeter with grades as low as DDE

Exeter Uni ban Just Stop Oil activist from grounds in ‘duty of care’ to staff and students

Edred Whittingham was sent a private letter explaining he is banned from University of Exeter grounds and buildings

Gap Yah and Batman: Here’s every type of girl you’ll find on Tinder in Exeter

Surprisingly, not every girl’s name ends with an -e, -ie or -y

Exeter University student and Just Stop Oil activist pleads not guilty to criminal damage

Edred Whittingham defaced a snooker table at the World Snooker Championship in 2023

Exeter University takes disciplinary action against two staff in student relationships

Two relationships resulted in disciplinary action against staff in the last 10 years

Exeter University’s Forum defaced with red and orange paint by Just Stop Oil protestors

Exeter students gathered to watch the protests led by George Simonson as part of the Just Stop Oil campaign

Exeter University tops list of UK unis receiving highest funding from fossil fuel sources

Exeter is receiving over twice the funding of the runner-up institution

Knee-deep flooding causes chaos in Exeter for students trying to move into their uni house

Pennsylvania was flooded with water after heavy rainfall

Exeter lives to slay another day in the top 20 UK universities 2024

Grab yourself Impy’s cheapest and let’s make a conBRAGulatory toast

Exeter has placed fourth best area in the UK for accommodation agencies

Who knew Exeter was a good place to live?

This is what Barbie would call each University of Exeter hall their dream house

Spoilers ahead: One of you lot had to be Midge

Just Stop Oil protests to cowboy boots: Here’s what went down at Exeter’s 2023 graduations

We know you took a picture on the rock

Abracadab-rah: Exeter announces a new degree in… actual magic

Feat. A game of how many magical references can you spot