I pay £9000 a year for this?!

We all know the value of a degree, but there are ways our fees can go further…

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The rise in student fees has always been a contentious issue, and as a result the uni is constantly trying to justify the rise and shows us what we are putting ourselves into a lifetime of debt to pay for. And a lot of the time they do this well: the campus is beautiful and well maintained; the library is well stocked; lecturers are of an excellent quality.

If you’re a Business or Science student then you are constantly surrounded by high-tech equipment, cutting edge technology, and  fancy lecture halls designed so that you don’t even have to strain your neck to look at the lecturer.

However, if, like me, you are a humanities student, you are faced with something very different. For my nine thousand pounds a year I get the following: a seat in a lecture hall; a seat in a classroom; a lecturer who I will see for the maximum of 10 hours a week. So, forgive me Exeter, for though I do love you, if all I’m getting with my fees is a chair, I feel you could probably some of my money to deal with a few of the less favourable features on campus….

1. The loo roll in the library still resembles the type favoured in prisons

For nine grand I’m expecting at least Andrex

2. Trying to get a computer in the library during exam times/anytime is virtually impossible

If you’re not in the library by 9am, just stay in bed.

3. The uni couldn’t afford to label the rooms in Queens in any sort of logical manor

 You need a degree just to understand the signage.

4. Queens in general

Resembling a mental asylum, this is the hub of the humanities department.

5. We are expected to pay £300 a year for a gym membership, despite it being £15 a year at other unis

The gym may be nice, but the price is definitely not.

6. And they have the cheek to charge us £3.55 for a sandwich at the marketplace

No sandwich is THAT good.

7. And we have to pay for printing…

Out of my nine grand you couldn’t give me a tenner for printing?

8. And all our course books.

University students: keeping Blackwell bookshop alive. At a high cost.

9. The Lemmy is effectively a sports hall with some lights, yet they still charge £4 a ticket

£4 for this? Not impressed.

10. With all our fees combined, they could definitely afford to put a ski lift on cardiac.

I’m paying £9000 for this privilege!