Uni outlets remove tampon tax

About bloody time too


Both the university and Guild have finally agreed to cover the 5% tax on sanitary goods in campus outlets, following the campaigning efforts of Women’s Liberation Officers.

After receiving the backing of almost 80% of those voting in a Guild poll, the university have vowed to subsidise VAT on tampons and sanitary towels.

A 20-pack of Tampax in the Market Place will now cost 30p less.

Tampon tax should always be voted against


The revolutionary idea of menstruating not being a luxury women should pay extra for was being discussed by us way before UKIP got on board.

It was brought to the attention of university officials back in February, when Women’s Liberation Officers started up a Student Idea about the issue.

78.9% of voters in a Guild poll agreed that the tampon tax needed to be flushed, and it didn’t take long before university big-shots were fully backing the idea, pledging how from April, females would no-longer be punished for the work of Mother Nature.

Thanks to these campaigning efforts, a 20 pack of Tampax in the Marketplace will now only cost you £2.29 instead of £2.59.

Which yes, may still be more than if you went to ASDA, but that could theoretically save you £3.60 a year, which is money far better spent on a pint. To be drunk alongside men who do not have to buy tampons ever.

Becky Howie, International Relations third year and Women’s Liberation Officer, said: “We’re extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve.

“Menstruation isn’t a choice and sanitary products shouldn’t be treated as a luxury.

“We’re pleased the university and Guild agree and have found a way to stop the sanitary product tax in campus outlets.

“We’d like to thank all that have supported us and hope this will help towards the national campaign.”

Women on campus are also celebrating this long-due victory for vaginas.

International Relations finalist and woman Cloe Fernandez-Barnes said: “I think it’s great that the uni has finally recognized periods aren’t a treat for us and how we don’t actually get a choice in the matter.

“It’s probably taken so long because it’s a university run mostly by rich men.”