Friday Top-Top becomes Women in Business date auction site

Now there is a new way to guarantee you’ll find love in TP

This Friday, TP will be filled with more than just sweat and hormones as Women in Business Society take to top-top to hold their first ever charity auction.

The auction, which will be held from 7.30-9.30pm tomorrow evening, aims to raise money for WomanKind, a charity which tackles discrimination against women.

Women in Business Soc with everyone’s favourite Floella 

However, prize-wise you should think more Take Me Out than Cash in the Attic, as various societies have nominated both male and female committee members who the audience will be able to bid on throughout the event.

The person who splashes the most cash will then be able to win a date of the committee members choosing. So who knows, it could be a great How I Met Your Mother story to tell the grandkids.

When asked how they had managed to secure Friday top-top, society President Manisha Patel said: “I like to think as women in business we drive a good negotiation.”

Tickets cost £1 for the auction and £4 for the auction plus queue jump for Timepiece, and can be reserved  by sending an email to [email protected] or by checking out their Facebook page.