Is Zoë Courtesy Exeter’s Most Eligible Batchelorette?

Can you be the Derek to her Meredith?

Zoë may be beautiful, blonde and off to study Law next year, but she can offer you more than just a bend and snap.

With a love of Thursday Mosaic, cheesy chips and the doctors from Grey’s Anatomy, Zoë is the perfect girl to both take on a night out and spend the day snuggled up in bed with.

Studies: Third year Philosophy

Fun fact: I live in a house of seven girls and the other six are all in long-term relationships. There’s always room for one more…

Favourite chat up line: Can we talk or shall we carry on flirting from a distance?

 Describe your ideal guy: Tall, dark and handsome. Six foot or taller as standard. Perfect teeth preferable. Creme Egg enthusiast obligatory.

Looks or personality: Personality, every time.

 Guilty pleasure: Two large cheesy chips from the Golden Horn after some Dirty Beats. One is not enough.