David Tennant spotted in The Forum

Everyone wants a piece of the dashing actor who was filming on Streatham campus

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Turns out it wasn’t just lost-looking freshers who were roaming around uni yesterday afternoon.

Students flooded Twitter with photos of David Tennant on campus, causing mass jealousy for those who missed him.

The actor was filming scenes for the second series of BBC show Broadchurch which is set to return to our screens later this year.

And those able to catch a glimpse of the Doctor Who actor made sure everyone knew about it.

Some were even able to get within just feet away of the sexy Scotsman himself as he performed an intense scene on the steps of the Forum.

Tennant’s appearance has caused confusion across campus, with some freshers getting the impression that A-List celebs roaming around is a common occurrence at Exeter.

This is not the first time the cast of Broadchurch have been spied filming at the uni, with those who stayed behind over summer catching glimpses of him working inside the Forum.

The Forum’s identity was transformed over the summer, with the sign outside changed to read ‘WESSEX POLICE: HEADQUARTERS’.

They even went as far to erect black panels to hide the library from view.

Those who were still working in the building were able to watch the show being filmed, and talk to the actors between takes.

A celebrity spotting at Exeter has caused a lot of hype in the student community.

The search was on again today to get a glimpse of Tennant, and the Doctor Who Society even urged its members on to find him, posting: “David Tennant and Arthur Darvil may or may not be on campus today, use your doctor who noses.”

But tragically there was no sight of any of the cast or crew at all, with The Forum instead filled with worried parents and dazed freshers.

There is still hope that the actor may be among us, perhaps wandering the high street, browsing the floors of John Lewis or ordering a pizza at The Firehouse.

Who knows, he may even be planning on hitting the floor of Arena this evening.

Everyone must keep their eyes peeled, and keep the #DavidTennantWatch alive.