Is India-Rose Hatfield Exeter’s Most Eligible Bachelorette?

She once almost got eaten by a shark (not a euphemism)

Though she be but little, she is fierce, once managing to fight off a shark to escape death. You don’t wanna mess with her.

When she is not wrestling with giant sea-creatures, however, India-Rose loves to spend the whole day in bed binge-watching Netflix.

Could you be the one to give her a new reason to stay in between the sheets?

Studies: Biochemistry

Fun fact: I was almost swallowed whole by a whale shark.

Favourite chat up line: Did you just fart? Because you blew me away…

Describe your ideal guy: Even though I am only 5ft, I like a tall guy. What’s a foot between us?

Looks or personality: Personality is most important, but if you don’t find someone attractive it’s never going to work.

Guilty pleasure: Crawling into bed and watching anything/everything on Netflix