Cloe Fernandez Barnes

Cloe Fernandez Barnes
Exeter University


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If you grew up in London, Leicester Square Tiger Tiger was the only place to go out

It was all for the McDonald’s afterwards

Quiz: What should you be watching on Netflix right now?

The choice is too overwhelming

Edgware is the true cultural capital of London and maybe even the UK

No, not Edgware Road

Every conversation you’ve ever had on your family Whatsapp group

Why does Dad use so many full stops?

People who leave house parties to go clubbing are the worst

House beers aren’t for the road

Why you should move back home after you graduate

It’s more than just the Ocado

The maddest clubbers in the country this week

More important than graduation photos

Exeter slides back into top 10 in Guardian uni rankings

We’ve beaten Loughborough, UCL and LSE in the latest league table

How to fit in at your first Hijacked festival

It’s basically Coachella, right?

Exeter’s Best Bums: The results

Which tush will emerge victorious?

How to go out during exams and probably still get a 2:1

There’s no excuse to be boring

There are micropigs on campus for you to cuddle today


Tab poll results: Over half of you are voting Tory on Thursday

You’ll never guess which halls has the most Tory voters in them…

The outdoor swimming pool on campus is open for ‘summer’

Perfect weather for it, too

Falmouth is a better uni than Exeter, new league tables claim

At least we’ll always be better than Plymouth

Team behind flop Winter Wonderland SSB yet to donate money to charity

Enchanted Group dish out £10k to Eddystone Trust

JK Rowling is going to be Exeter Uni’s new Chancellor

What do you mean ‘check the date on the article’?

My 24 hours in the library

Join me in my tragic quest to write an essay in 24 hours

Writing your essay is boring – do this in the library instead

There’s more to procrastination than Facebook

The cult of the ‘busy third year’: Being a finalist is no excuse for being boring

You don’t even have that much work

Virgin suicide: We’ve had super-slow Internet for FOUR days

Can you even read this?

It’s your own fault if your loud party gets shut down

Whatever happened to being neighbourly?

Police release picture of the latest phantom flasher to terrorise students

He stood outside second years’ windows with his trousers down

Here are the winners of Exeter’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

It’s been emotional

If you’re not from London, you’re no-one

And it doesn’t count if you’re from Surrey, Slough or Essex but tell people you’re ‘basically’ from London

41 Shades of Green: EURFC humiliate Bath

Exeter 41 Bath 0

This fourth year wants to be the Lib Dem MP for Exeter

Joel Mason is standing for the Exeter seat in the next general election

Is Alex Bristow Exeter’s most eligible bachelor?

He likes to make egg-based sexual innuendos

Is Casha Exeter’s most eligible bachelor?

He got wrongly punched in the face once

These are the winners of the Guild elections

The most annoying week of the year is over

Is Adam Griffiths Exeter’s most eligible bachelor?

He’s going to be on Pointless

Is Henry Oliver Exeter’s most eligible bachelor?

His nipples are notoriously hairy

Is Ned Warne Exeter’s most eligible bachelor?

He might be slow at bolting a pint, but that doesn’t mean he can’t bolt his way into your heart

All you need to know about your candidates for VP Activities

This is the last one, honest

Your guide to the candidates for Guild President

All you need to know about the keenos running for top dog in the Guild

Listen to Exeter’s finest DJs all in one place tonight

You probably weren’t invited to this event, but you can still listen to it

What does your generic poster say about you?

Tell me more about how much you love classic cinema

What could you buy with Holland Hall rent money?

Hint: A lot of VKs

Are you Exeter’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette?

The search is on – help us find the cream of Exeter’s single crop

Why do private companies have a louder voice than us on campus?

Apple taxis are more important than societies

Hijacked Festival is back and bigger than ever

The Thieves are coming back to Exeter for the festival’s second session this May

Your guide to the perfect post-lash

Because going to bed when the club closes is for losers

#JeSuisCharlie: hundreds of students show solidarity with victims of Paris attacks

Following the attacks in Paris on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Exeter students gathered at the Forum early this afternoon

Changing your name on Facebook won’t get you a grad job

Your future employer knows you go out and get drunk sometimes – and chances are they don’t care

Revealed: How posh are your halls?

Yes, Holland Hall is as unbearably upper class as we all suspected

I went to the Safer Sex Ball and it was as naked and messy as I had dreamed it would be

Probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in Torquay

Hockey Ladd arrives in Edinburgh to triumphant reception

An ordinary fresh on an extraordinary journey

You can finally have your first successful electronic music night

Expand your horizons

BNOC of the Year 2014: The Winner

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster

There’s another ‘Spotted’ page, and this time it’s about homophobia

They’re already solving sexism and racism – now a new Spotted page has homophobia in its sights

Your essential housing guide: Pennsylvania edition

There’s a reason why the cool kids live on Pennsylvania Road, Edgerton Park Road, Powderham Crescent and Hillsborough Avenue.

Look at all these pictures of Solly from The Apprentice getting wild at TP

Go on

The NUS is so obsessed with its own PR that it has forgotten to represent you

The National Union of Students hasn’t done anything meaningful for you in years

BNOC of the Year 2014: Group 3

Polish off your BNOC-ulars

Definitive proof that the University of Exeter is fantastic

A completely unbiased and well-balanced argument for why our lovely, hilly institution is the greatest university in the country, nay, the world

BNOC of the Year 2014: Group 2

Breaking news: you will not be left homeless if you haven’t found a house in November

Seriously. Stop panicking.

Ottery St Mary in pictures

Hog roast, mulled cider, a bonfire and flaming tar barrels. What more could you want on Guy Fawkes night?

Thick As Thieves have found a new home

And you’re all invited to the housewarming party

Why doesn’t anyone do Baywatch anymore?

Whatever happened to taking off our tops and whipping them in time to ‘I’ll Be Ready’

Big Pets On Campus: Zorro

You don’t see many pets in student houses, so here’s a ferret in one

How to get your SSB rig: Lads’ edition

It’s peacock season and in order to stand out amongst the pigeons, you’re going to need your best tail feathers on show, or rather your best rigs

The Enchanted Forest cancelled for second year in a row

Only 50 per cent of tickets sold for Halloween event

The Undie Run: Another excuse to wear your underwear in public

This is pants

The Safer Sex Ball is back

And it’s carnival-themed

Football Varsity cancelled

The annual charity event has been cancelled by the university due to complaints about students from local residents

Middle class, oversubscribed and highly satisfied: Welcome to Exeter

We’re number one in the South West and sixth in the Middle Class League

It’s our boi: Jamie Laing back in Exeter

“Beautiful” Made In Chelsea star is set to host Clique Mondays at Timepiece tomorrow night

We went to a micropig farm and it was everything we dreamed it would be

Because everything is better in miniature

Unlucky freshers in last minute scramble for halls

No room at the inn for Exeter’s last minute signings

The only way to make your time at Exeter better is by joining The Tab

You’ve got a lot to learn, kid

We asked a load of Spaniards what they think of Brits abroad

So apparently…we drink too much?

Sexy selfies make you look ugly and stupid, say scientists

Breaking news: women judged on their appearance

Eggsciting uni research shows that farts can be good for you

That’s right, the butt of bodily function jokes is actually useful, and could save lives.

Tinder bios decoded: What your about section says about you

What type of Tindering prick are you?

Thousands of graduates stuck in cleaning, shelf-stacking and road sweeping jobs

Sobering new stats on graduate employment reveal thousands are in unskilled jobs, and even more are unemployed

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve stolen whilst drunk?

For whatever reason, students have a habit of becoming temporary kleptomaniacs when they drink. We hit the streets of London to find out the weirdest things people have stolen whilst smashed, and got some other stories along the way

American ‘college’ can teach British uni a thing or two

Some American ‘college’ traditions we should adopt at British unis, and some of the stupid things they do which we don’t want

VIDEO: I went to a crazy Spring Break party on an island off Texas

We went looking for the ultimate, stereotypical Spring Break…and we were not disappointed in South Padre.

TabTV: What Do American Students Know About Exeter?

Cloe Fernandez Barnes finds out what American students know about Exeter and our beloved institute

A Cynical Brit at a Frat Party

Studying this year at University of New Mexico, the land of ‘Breaking Bad’ and burritos, Cloe Fernandez Barnes recounts her recent experiences of American fraternity parties.