Exeter has leeched over £230,000 out of us in fines

Enough money to pay for 8,611 people’s degrees


The university have milked over £45,000 from us in fines in the past three years, while the library have cashed in more than £187,000 in late fines alone.

A whopping £230,000 has been taken in fines in the last three years.

And statistics show how last year 41,813 of us were punished for our tardiness at the library, with one poor soul being forced to shed out £87 in late fees – the equivalent of nearly 50 Jungbombs in Arena.


Things are looking no better this year, with Term One already causing the library to rake in a hefty £32,192 from us, a figure which doesn’t include the money we’re forced to pay for losing or replacing books.

Though the library recently asked for help in “reviewing” their current penalty fares system to review if charging up to £1 an hour in fines was a tad harsh, it is yet unknown as to whether any adjustments will be made.

However, university also makes its fair share of dollar from fines too, with 257 students having to part with a total of £19,617.70 in disciplinary fines last year.

Already this year, one individual was charged £200 for the “misuse of fire equipment, smoking and activation of a previously suspended fine”, which added to the £10,000 the uni had already made in fines by the beginning of March.

To put this all into perspective, here are some things the money we spend on fines could actually buy you:

-77,502 double vodka and cokes in Timepiece.

-A studio flat in Notting Hill

-38,815 copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from Waterstones

-33 students’ rents paid for a year in Holland Hall

With this in mind, is it really fine for the university to suck so much money out of us a year?