We may be a bunch of alcoholic zoophiles, but The Telegraph still thinks we’re great

The Telegraph’s latest survey has found that Exeter ranks in the top ten for quality of life across the country.

A new study, run by Lloyds Bank and published in The Telegraph on Friday, reveals that Exeter now has the tenth highest quality of student life in the country, rising 4 places from last year.

The study ranked universities based on their course satisfaction, employment and salary on graduation, accommodation costs, university sport facilities, crime in the area and the quality of student social life (it seems they weren’t too bothered about the Colin scandal after all).

It’s bargains like this which make Exeter great.

Though we were ranked best university in the South West by The Times just two weeks ago, Bath Uni managed to get revenge in this study, ranking second in the entire survey.

Exeter still managed to smash Bristol, however, which wasn’t even ranked in the top 30.

Despite (or maybe because of) this monstrosity last year, Loughborough managed to top the whole study, with 89% of their students being satisfied with their course and 94% of students finding employment upon graduating.

Yes, we were beaten by this.

If you need some more facts to casually boast about over the dinner table, it seems that whilst Exeter is only improving as a uni- rising 4 places from last year to enter the top ten- Oxbridge are actually getting worse.

This year Oxford managed to drop 3 places from last year by coming in 8th overall, just two places in front of us.

Cambridge also managed to fall 3 places, but is still nice and cosy in 5th place.

Take that Oxbridge, you may have rejected us but we’re awesome.

However, the question remains over whether anyone actually cares about these latest findings (other than prospective students’ parents of course).

Fourth year philosopher Zoe says “It’s good to see we’ve cracked another top 10 list, and it’s always nice for Exeter’s good qualities to get national recognition, but it doesn’t really make too much difference to me.

Will having a great quality of student life actually help me to get a job?”

Is a nice treadmill actually going to get me a job?

Similarly, Ben, a sixth-former currently applying to university, seems unphased by these latest findings.

“Though I am looking at league-tables to help me decide which uni to go to, there are so many of these surveys churned out every week with different results that they stop becoming helpful after a while.”

The entire top 30 list from the study and more reasons why Loughborough is better than us can be found here.