Exeter’s roads evacuated after school bomb scare

A case with wires was found outside St. Sidwell’s

Schools, houses and a mosque were evacuated today when a suspicious device outside a school was found. 

Police locked down the area surrounding York Road and Sidwell Street, after a a case with wires coming out of it was found this morning outside St. Sidwell’s Primary School.

Police have cordoned off areas and are sending residents away

Police have cordoned off areas and are sending residents away

The caretaker discovered a large suitcase “with wires coming out of it” this morning at 7am, which led to the school and local nursery being evacuated and the children sent home.

A second suspicious device was then reported in the nearby King William Street car park. As a result of this, police have set up a 100m exclusion zone between York Road, Longbrook Street and Sidwell Street.

Bomb-disposal experts were called to the scene, as well as police, ambulance and fire services.

Local residents have been removed from their homes and businesses have been taken to St James’ football ground until the area is clear.

Those who remained near the site were reported as hearing controlled explosions being carried out by the police at midday and 1.20pm.

Residents are being sent here until the threat has passed.

Rob Newnham, a third year Classicists and resident of Victoria Road said: “It’s scary, this was only a few steps from my home, it doesn’t seem like it could happen to you until it does.”