Big Pet On Campus: King Caesar

Not too great at snuggling but forever on point, hedgehogs are the pet to have this season


Slightly akin to a 70 year old man, King Caesar doesn’t do much, but when he does…he wows.

Passed on down to his Longbrook Street family by a group of third years when they graduated, no-one can resist falling in love with him.

He may have a prickly shell, but that’s only hiding the fact he’s a giant softie underneath.

Name: King Caesar

Age: 3

Owners: Molly Snowe, Rachael Kelleher, Francesca Smith, Anastasia Kenworthy, Adam Scaffardi, Mungo Matthews and Scrappy Wilcockson

Likes: Chicken and tuna

Dislikes: George Shirlaw (the only person he’s ever bitten)

Naughty habits: Pooing in his wheel

Favourite snack: Nibbler mix (dog food)

Favourite thing about uni: Booze, banter, babes

Fun fact: When he’s bathed he curls up in a ball and floats