Mate! Jamie Laing comes to Sexeter…and doesn’t even get a shag

‘Complicated’ reality star takes East Devon by storm

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Girls across Exeter were heartbroken as Made in Chelsea lothario Jamie Laing offered only selfies during his trip to TP on Monday.

Though the arrival of the star had been a highly anticipated event, there were mixed reactions to Jamie’s short and drunken visit to Timepiece this week.

The reality TV celeb, 26, swanned in for just an hour of selfies and showing off his abs to fawning admirers.

Jamie making his fans the centre of his work

Unlike recent Made in Chelsea uni visits –– when hunk Spencer Matthews snogged his way around Nottingham and shared a night of passion with a girl in Birmingham –– Jamie’s tour was far tamer.

The receding-hairline heir to the McVities fortune disappointed his fans with a brief and somewhat battered visit.

Second year historian Molly said: “He was only there an hour and was really drunk, then he went straight home to Chelsea.”

Promoter Tina, who worked on the event, added: “The bouncers really had to push girls back because they were trying so hard to get into the VIP area.”

The Jamie Laing fan army

Luckily not everyone was let down by the Candy Kitten heartthrob’s drive-by visit.

Second year geographer Kate said: “One of the girls next to me screamed ‘I think I’m going to cry’ as soon as Jamie arrived.

“Jamie was really nice –– he took selfies with everyone at the front and made sure I got a decent photo.

“I left as soon as I got a picture as there were just so many people pushing against the VIP area barriers.”

Oh it’s so hot in here, I’ll just lift my top off to cool down

Getting paid to take selfies: he really is living the dream

The latest series of Made in Chelsea saw dreamboat Jamie ruin his relationship with Lucy Watson as he fell prey to the charms of Miami’s babes on a trip to the States.

But the mob of screaming girls in Timepiece did nothing to phase Jamie on his visit.

Tina said: “All the girls were in such a hype when they saw him.

“He obviously he enjoyed that.

“Like all celebrities, he was a bit complicated but nothing bad happened that night.”

Laing with his adoring fans

Photos from Victoria Nitsch.