Loughborough knock out EUMHC in agonising P-flick varsity drama

A 5-3 p-flick loss and a 4-1 win makes Hockey the emotional rollercoaster of all varsities

Over 800 fans watched Exeter hockey heartbreak last night, as the men’s team lost to Loughborough in a nail-biting series of penalty strokes.

Though Alex Williams’ goal had kept Exeter afloat until the end of the game, a second half Luffbra equaliser sent the game to a shootout.

When the time came for p-flicks, Exeter failed to score their third shot, resulting in a final score of 5-3 and guaranteeing that none of the team would get laid in TP last night.

The ladies, on the other hand, managed to reign victorious in their first ever varsity match, smashing Nottingham 4-1 defeat.

Goals from Meg Crawson, Ness Sharman and a brace from Hannah Griffiths ensured the girls at least were able to look the rugby team in the eyes on top-top last night.