I was snubbed by Fashion in the Forum but now The Tab has made my dreams come true

Hear one man’s brave battle to get his story heard and his face on The Tab. #teamchunt

Last week, third year Midwifery student Charlie Hunt’s day was made when he was scouted out for his suave style by the Fashion in the Forum fairies.

Yet his elation at being bestowed the highest honour on campus rapidly turned to disappointment, when he clicked on the latest article and found he and his inspired wardrobe was nowhere to be seen.

Meet Midwifery student Charlie. Fashion is his first baby.

Help was at hand, however, in the form of Scott Weddell, who, like any good friend , took his friend’s distress to social media.

The event “Get Chunt on Fashion in Forum” was made, and within just 24 hours had 160 attendees.

The people had spoken. Charlie Hunt needed justice.

In a shocking twist of events, however, things went from bad to worse as a first-class pigeon of the Facebook community reported the group, and the page was rapidly removed before it had reached its full potential.

Chunt had been shunned by both Fashion in the Forum and Facebook.

Could things get any worse?

However, The Tab heard Charlie’s story. And we decided he should be rejected no more.

So we met up with Exeter’s style underdog to find out a bit more about the man behind the legend, and to give him the publicity he truly deserves.

Dreams really can come true.

How does it feel to be shunned by the fashion elite?

Charlie: “Oh absolutely tragic… it was completely heartbreaking”

Has it always been your dream to be on Fashion in the Forum?

Charlie: “I have been known to mill around the Forum most days just in the hope of getting picked up by you one day.”

Why was your Facebook page removed?

Scott: “It may have been those photos of Charlie with his trousers down.”

How do you feel about the page and the reaction it got?

Scott: It got about 160 likes which was hugely inspiring. I made it to take the piss and now dreams have come true.

What’s the inspiration behind your winter capsule wardrobe?

Charlie: “The cold.”

Charlie and his fashion guru Conor. (Photo courtesy of Rory Collett)

Who is your fashion icon?

Charlie: “Conor Reilly, my housemate, I always get loads of chat about copying the clothes he wears.”

How do you feel about marsala, the Pantone colour of the year?

Charlie: “Oh God, now we’re talking. It’s been on the catwalks a lot recently so clearly my wardrobe is full of it.”

Team Chunt