1D’s Louis Tomlinson spotted at girlfriend’s Manchester Uni graduation

VIDEO: Star snuck into the yesterday’s ceremony to support girlfriend Eleanor Calder

Manchester Uni students were left shocked yesterday when One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson showed up at a graduation ceremony.

The star flew back from Barcelona to support long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder as she received her Sociology degree with honours.

Louis snuck into Manchester’s graduation hall alongside parents, lecturers and alumni to see the proud moment his girlfriend received her scroll.

And the band member apparently didn’t want to make a scene as he snuck into his front row chair next to Calder’s mum in order to keep a low profile.

A source told the Manchester Evening News: “He was a bit late for the start of the ceremony and he did not want to create a big fuss. He crept in and kept a really low profile.”

But the 400 audience members at Whitworth Hall seemed relatively unperturbed by the presence of an A-List star inside the hall, with the same source saying that “hardly anyone clocked that it was him.”

But the same cannot be said online, as speculation over Tomlinson’s arrival inevitably sent Twitter into a meltdown.

Hundreds of fans then rushed to send their congratulations to Calder (as well as express their impatience that the two are yet to marry, of course).

One fan even went so far as to post the video of Eleanor receiving her degree on Youtube – and the clip has racked up nearly 10,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The singer’s appearance didn’t seem to please everyone though. Some students objected to the fact that his celebrity status stole attention away from the hard work and academic achievements of those graduating.

Zoe, a Manchester student who was also receiving her degree yesterday, said: “I’m pretty sure my Mum was more interested in Louis than in my special day, which was pretty heartbreaking.”

Twitter also became a platform for complaints at Tomlinson’s casual dress to the traditionally formal event.

But, the couple opted not to respond to the comments about the day’s events on social media, choosing not to Tweet about the day themselves.